"I haven't heard anything this raw in a long time"  I heard the person next to me say.

Born in Amish Country, Pensilvania, quickly whisked away and seasoned by shelters, small towns and trailers, Keyke's music tells stories of chaos and grace, a gritty documentary through an empathetic, humorous & brutally honest lens. 

Keyke moved to NYC at 18 to follow her dreams of making music "for kids who grew up feeling as weird and out of place as her".

After a few years spent playing acoustic sets to locals in bars, listening to Hip-Hop & EDM and dreaming of making bigger noises than she could make come out of her acoustic, Keyke met a few people who believed in what she was trying to do and wanted to help make it bigger.. 

"I want to make Fub-Step!" she told her first producer. Fub-Step being a Keyke-Term for a hybrid of her anti-folk rawness and "Dubby Dirty Pop".  They created "Roofslide" a remake of her acoustic song "Amoeba Wrestler", and "Call Off Your Guns" an epically heart-breaking song for which a video is in the works.

"I want to make songs that reach inside people's guts and make them know that they're not alone, they're not too strange, their stories are not too tarnished.  I want them to feel at ease and connected for a minute. I remember the first time a song laid me out and filled me with magic, I thought, "there's nothing to describe this, nothing but more music" so I started writing songs, I haven't stopped, I just keep hoping I can be create a song or record that makes some kid, some woman, some man feel laid out, filled with magic, and maybe not understood but connected to. And then i want to make some stupid-fun music too!"